Marty on Arts Blog

My article, Creating Social Change Through Community Connections & Shared Arts Experiences, was published on Arts Blog!

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I bet most regular bloggers have a certain time with they write. Trying to post via email which hasn’t generated any inspiring thoughts, but outside my office at city hall – trillions of unique snowflakes have melted to trillions of slush crystals on their way to water. Imagine roads and lots of branches with perfect webs of snow 3″ high.

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Books & Blizzards

Big blizzard outside…maybe 10″ before it turns to rain. Working on today with Allen and Jess who’s covering me on Angry Birds. List of “books I’m in” complete and about to go cyber. Planning on writing a funny story this weekend to include in “3 for .99” at Amazon, if we figure out the details.

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From Away

Driving with Bizu

Driving with the Dog

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Hello world!

Down nyc since yesterday. Snow followed and work too, though nothing crushing for another day or two. Then April grant proposals start in. Still working on setting this up. Can’t find the editing controls. Me…always at the learning cliff, not the learning curve.


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